Hi! Welcome to my site.

My name is Gerrard Lee and run a small agency helping business owners to get more visitors and close more sales.

My agency focus on SEO link building and Facebook Ads.

If you need help getting more visitors to your business website, read on!

Facing one of these problems?

  • You pay for advertising but nothing has improved?
  • You have a website but it is not getting enough traffic?
  • Your marketing agency is wasting your time and money?
  • You know the importance of SEO but do not have time to maintain it?

Let me help you Solve those problems!

I will help you increase the number of ultra-targeted prospects visiting your website on a monthly basis. With the targeted prospects, your sales is likely to increase. My services are straight forward, transparent and brings in result.

Anyway in my own opinion, if you are paying for marketing, you should be paying for results and not the nice reports and graphs etc.

If you are interested to work with me, kindly fill up the contact form. You can also check out how I work.

How can I help you?

I offer specialized services:

  • Freelance SEO Consulting : This is a monthly strategy where I will build links to your site to increase traffic and improve your organic ranking. In a nutshell, it means ” I work to bring people that are interested in your product to your website
  • Facebook Ads: Promoting your product / services using Facebook Ads. Let more people to know about your product and services.

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Looking forward to work with you.